Powered by Sei, PlayerX is a web3 brand built by the community, for the community.

Your Story Begins Here

Embark on a Web3 journey with PlayerX, a collection of 999 utility-enabled PFPs that serve as your identity. We seek to explore world building and storytelling in collaboration with the community. The story will unfold based on decisions made by the community, and each character unlocks incremental benefits the longer you hold them.

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Leveling Up Your Character

Each PlayerX comes with a unique token design that allows them to be staked for experience without leaving your wallet. As soon as your character is staked, they'll begin gaining experience over time. As you accumulate experience, your player will level up and unlock enhanced rewards at certain milestones.

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Exclusive Access to the Community

Each token serves as a membership key to our ecosystem and grants holders exclusive access to future releases and products.

Community-driven storytelling
Utility that unlocks while held
Community membership